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The “Gag Order” is a group of kinksters, bloggers, and writers with whom Laura LaPlace is the center.  She is who inspires us to write– and quite often guides us on our quest to write better!  Hence, we have here a list of FREE short stories, varying from novice to professional, for your entertainment.


“When he got to work, the first thing he did was reached out his hand and turned her on.

The second thing he did was settle down to work, switching on his PC and pushing and prodding at his chair to mould it into the most comfortable shape he could. He let out a heavy sigh as he began, his rapid typing providing a staccato counterpoint to the slow, almost hedonistic, detailed nature of his thoughts.

And all the while, the office across the road from his beckoned, its large, well polished window like a blinking neon sign, promising so many prurient things within. It took six steps to reach it from his desk, and four steps to go from one corner of it to the other. When he looked up from beside it, he could see a precious portion of sky from between the buildings, everything else bathed in shadow from the neighbouring building. But when he looked down…

Below him, hovering just above the dizzying drop to the pavement below, was the office of What Was His. His girl. His being the operative word. Her name was Elizabeth.”

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I’m Ivy.

I was told that sex is evil. It is. It is evil in the most beautiful way. It’s my poison. I like to write about my real life stories, but I will mix in some fantasy.  I’m also bisexual, so expect variety.

Bring it.

I introduce myself with the story of how I discovered that I love women. Her name is Monica.

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New Orleans Landing – Short story by Shilo

“Baby, wake up! We’re here!”

Audrey’s’ eyes are wide, looking into her new husbands’ face, trying to discern whether he understood her or not as he slowly creeps out of his deep restful sleep.  He’d worked tirelessly all night to catch up on some work assignments before he took off for vacation. Not to mention the morning wake up call he’d gotten. They’d only just made it in time for the flight! The couple begin to watch out the scratched up window as the plane begins to land, and just as they did–Aaron felt her soft lips on the side of his mouth, as close to his lips as her tiny form could reach with her own.

Turning his face to her rosy cheeks and big smiling lips, he looks in her honey brown eyes as she smiles wryly at him.

The newlyweds  kiss passionately, yet softly–unaware of anything else going on around them. Then, a familiar feeling creeps up on Aaron like a jackhammer as he realizes that he isn’t just imagining his girls’ hand around his cock—it was around him, through his pants..

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Here’s one of my very first stories, about a slave and her Master’s morning blow.


On Her Knees

“His taste on my tongue makes me quiver in the deepest, darkest parts of my body. The parts even he will never see. Butterflies in my stomach, an ache between my legs, a flash of sweat beneath my wet hair. And his fingers do nothing to alleviate this feeling–his big hand holding tight to my ponytail merely makes my legs shake even more.”

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