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New Book Release: Suit, Tie, & Chains

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Fresh from the depths of Twisted E-Publishing comes the debut work of Miss Laura Laplace (yours truly), “Suit, Tie, & Chains,” the first installment of a potential series: Bespoke Service.

“Aurora Bespoke Housekeeping and Estate Management, where the word bespoke was very flexible indeed…”

Dana Grayling’s family has served as butlers for the richest families through many generations, but her curse of being born female keeps her from being welcomed into the family business. Taking matters into her own hands, she wishes to prove she’s just as good as any Grayling male.

Forced by circumstance into an atypical contract, she ultimately barters her body for an education, not realizing what she’s offered up.

Once under the employ of a brash, young billionaire, she can’t help but be attracted to the dominant man, nor can she ignore the desire he builds within her flesh.

Available on Smashwords, AllRomanceBooks, and Bookstrand, with an Amazon link incoming once a certain glitchy submissions process is dealt with, I am very proud of my first published work, and hope anyone who reads this will see fit to support me in writing more by purchasing a copy, leaving a rating or review, or recommending me to the kinky people in your life!

Laura, out!

                      Edit: Ah, lovely, the Amazon version is finally online.