Hi ladies, gentlemen, superintelligent spores and everything in between! I’m Laura Laplace, writer and kinkster, and this is the Gag Order, where you can see more of my writing. I’m an author of erotica and BDSM-themed short stories and novellas, and though I’ve been offering my work for free for some time, my first professionally published novel is in the works; more on that as it develops.

I’ll be posting free snippets, short stories and thoughts here for all to see, as well as progress updates on whatever pro work I happen to accrue, so all you budding Laura Laplace fans (so many of you, I know) keep watching this space!

In addition to my own brand of kink, you’ll also be seeing input from a few other lovely ladies, including Shilo: she’s the love of my life, and will be providing kinky stories of her own, and photos from her shoots with up and coming models. Also, we’ll be inviting Ivy into the fold very soon; she’s a talented writer in her own… right, who’ll be giving us some nice… whatever she feels like, really!

Oh yeah, and if we have time, maybe there shall even be some content not related to sex. Wouldn’t that be a crazy notion?

It’ll be a ride, humans. We hope y’all enjoy it.

Laura Laplace

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