New Orleans Landing- By Shilo

 New Orleans Landing

“Baby, wake up! We’re here!”

Audrey’s’ eyes are wide, looking into her new husbands’ face, trying to discern whether he understood her or not as he slowly creeps out of his deep restful sleep.  He’d worked tirelessly all night to catch up on some work assignments before he took off for vacation. Not to mention the morning wake up call he’d gotten. They’d only just made it in time for the flight! The couple begin to watch out the scratched up window as the plane begins to land, and just as they did–Aaron felt her soft lips on the side of his mouth, as close to his lips as her tiny form could reach with her own.

Turning his face to her rosy cheeks and big smiling lips, he looks in her honey brown eyes as she smiles wryly at him.

The newlyweds  kiss passionately, yet softly–unaware of anything else going on around them. Then, a familiar feeling creeps up on Aaron like a jackhammer as he realizes that he isn’t just imagining his girls’ hand around his cock—it was around him, through his pants.

Surprised and delighted, he looks around half expecting for someone to be looking at him with a horrified expression, but the other passengers on the flight are blissfully unaware of his new wife’s’ public show of affection. Looking down to his lap, a big winter coat is sitting surreptitiously over their laps, and if he hadn’t actually felt Audrey’s’ hands on his dick at the very moment–he wouldn’t be able to tell what: if anything, she was doing under there. The thought that they were completely exposed, yet hidden, makes his shaft grow hard immediately as her hand moves slowly over his cock.

Her hand  moves exquisitely, rubbing his shaft through his pants–making it twitch–as he realizes that it’s slowly making its’ way to the edge of his pants before dipping into his thankfully loose-fitting jeans. Every part of his body tenses up and she can feel it.

Looking into her eyes with pure surprise, he can see a smile of naughty delight on her sweet lips as he leans his big body down to her level to kiss her, careful not to let anyone see what her hand is really doing. Her lips meet his, and he can feel them in a teasing smile as the two lovers kiss a little too passionately. Suddenly he feels her fingers wrapping around his cock, and his hips involuntarily begin to press against her hand which had moved down the length of his cock to his tip. Her hand starts to shift around like a corkscrew, and he feels the gentle pressure of her warm thumb as it begins to press his button, releasing liquid and making her fingers move with ease with his stickiness. Sitting back now, Aaron can’t help but need to anchor himself to his chair as her thumb bobs around his incredibly sensitive tip one way, then the opposite direction only very lightly–while her palm massages his shaft in well measured pulses.

Aarons’ cock becomes impossibly hard impossibly quick; and Audrey grins as she put her mouth to his ear and whispers,

“You better come before people start noticing what I’m doing to your big dick under this coat..”

This put him over the edge. His head surveys the cabin surepticiously and he knows he has no choice. He has to cum now, or have a hard on the size of Florida getting off the plane. His eyes growl at her as the plane begins its’ descent down to the airport through thousands of feet of wind and clouds. Turbulence bobs the plane down unexpectedly, but Audrey’s grip on his cock did not waver, although it did pause for a split second as her heart raced at the thought of them both getting so excited from this they both come.

Audrey’s thighs push together in response as she feels herself getting wet as she bites her lip. No one’s watching, she’s checked many times, but she feels like a slut all the same. She’s barely wearing any panties, after all..

Newly renewed in her mission, her hand grips his cock now completely–and begins spanning the length of his shaft while she kisses first his neck, then down his cheek softly. To any onlookers, they are just romantic lovers innocently kissing—but under the coat on their laps, a whole other story is being written.

Twisting her palm around his tip, then plunging her hand down his cock to the base–and back–you can tell Audrey is beginning to get a taste of her own medicine, as her near-silent breaths get quicker and more shallow.

Aaron can see her incredibly small sporty legs begin to quiver as she holds them together; his own opening themselves on their own accord as if possessed. He can’t stop looking at her beautiful tits through the corner of his eye and he sees her chest begin to heave slightly through her zip-up hoodie and tantalizingly low tank top. He can see from his vantage point, just a hint of the edge of her bra right where her tank thankfully V’d in the middle with lace edging.

“I’m going to fuck those so hard..”

Aaron made a mental note for his agenda later to do so the instant they were alone again. Feeling her mans’ cock twitch and shift beneath her fingers, Audrey is smiling to herself a smile of victory as she begins banging his base with her fist harder and harder. His creamy cock now lubricated with his own precum only made her desperately wish that she was on his lap right now, fucking him like a common whore. The sound of the airplane descending was almost deafening, but she put her lips once more to his ear and said,

“Cum for me.”

A wry smile creeps its’ way onto his face as she turns her body sideways—seemingly innocently looking out the window. Still hiding herself with the coat and showing no signs of movement other than beneath it, Audrey begins slamming his cock hard and fast in different directions with every stroke–all of which hidden by her own body from anyone who happened to look their direction. The sound of the engines drown out any semblance of the wet jizz she has all over her hands.

She can’t help but want to suck his sweet lips as she fucks his cock right there in the midst of dozens of people as the plane descends fast to the land from its’ magical place amongst the clouds.

Feeling his stomach turn, Aaron feels dizzy as the descent gets closer and closer to its’ goal, all while his wife gets closer and closer to her goal. Audrey’s’ fingers are unrelenting as they play her mans’ cock like a flute in alternating currents and consistencies—jerking him off better than he’d ever done himself! Catching herself biting her own lip to the point of pain, Audrey can’t help but shiiver at the feeling of streams of sweat between her thighs from the heat of the heavy coat that lay on top of them.

Suddenly, Aaron feels more than just a little wetness at the tip of his cock as his abdominal muscles flex and he can feel warm pressure building up at the base of his delightfully engorged penis. Turning his head to the side to look out the window, he can feel his heart beating out of his chest. He’s both embarrassed, and aroused. That’s when she does it. She presses his button, right at the base of his shaft. A pressure and then a circular rub with the palm of her hand over his tip, encompassing it as her fingers trail around his cock. Audrey’s sweet lips are on his neck, nipping his skin with her teeth—as a rush of warm semen splashes out of his cock the very moment the planes’ wheels touch ground. His entire body contracts forward as he tries desperately to keep up normal appearances. Audrey’s hand slows now to a steady soft pace; squeezing slightly as she rubs every last bit of his cum into her palm. She cups his tip and catches every drop that she has extorted from his sweet cock, with absolute pleasure. She’s pleased  beyond measure that she’d successfully pulled off what she had set out to do.

Unaware of the sweat which had overcome his brow and neck, Aaron looks at his new wife and can’t help but want to kiss her with gratitude and vigor. Their tongues dance together for an expanse of unknown time, while they zone out the flight attendants’ incessant tattering over the microphone. Other people begin pulling down their luggage from the storage spaces above their heads, and the lovers finally break their intent kissing.

Audrey wipes his cum onto a piece of linen she had put in her purse just for this reason, and begins thinking how much of a shame it was that his cum hadn’t been dumped into her incredibly wet pussy..

Stepping out into the heavy Louisiana air, the exotic smells of an unknown place overwhelms the young couple as they make their way from their cab onto the bustling city landscape right in front of their hotel. They are smack dab in the middle of the french quarters, downtown New Orleans! Audrey sighs heavily in pure ecstasy at knowing that she’d finally made it to her long awaited revelry–with her eternal lover at her side, no less!

People are packed from one sidewalk to another—and on the road in between as Aaron gets a good look at the lack of clothing on all the women. Squeezing his new brides’ hand tight, he can’t wait to have her alone in their room to repay her for that stunt she’d just pulled, almost dragging her into the hotel.

The young couple check into their room and make their way through the halls of their somewhat seedy, yet still clean and tidy (in appearances) to their latest love-nest.

“Why don’t we order in?” Aaron asks his wife as he puts the key card in the entry lock of their hotel room.

“Oh no, we’re going out!” Audrey’s matter-of-factness put a smile of smug contentment on Aaron’s face, as he shrugged his shoulders approvingly. It was too easy, Audrey thought to herself, as her coyness knew no bounds. The door opened into pure darkness just in time for him to take his newly grabbed wife and throw her inside by her wrists against the first wall that met her back. Agonizingly close to her body with his, he pushes his hips into her roughly as she’s caught unaware by his rash movements. Her body immediately flashes wet beneath her thong for him, but she wouldn’t tell him that, of course.  She didn’t need to tell him. She knew he’d find out soon enough. There’s no way she wasn’t going to get fucked at this second, no matter how hungry they were.

“Whose the Master here, anyways?”

Aaron grinds his stiff cock into her as his legs work their way in between hers and spreads them as far as they can go, in her jean skirt. Her breasts heave out onto his chest and her breathing stops completely when she realizes that in the darkness his hand had already snuck in beneath her skirt and around the side of her thong. She can feel the material pushed to the side to make way for his hand, which is now holding her pussy like he owns it. A quick sharp breath escapes her lips.

You are, Master.”

“That’s what I thought– slave.”

His fingers are now circling her clit and Audrey can’t stand on her own as he magically plays her body like it was his. Her lips find the closest skin of his she can find and they suck-kiss his neck as her legs get weaker and weaker. Then the sound of pants falling. The darkness makes it impossible to see, so every sound, every touch, every sensual breath that they take is recorded into their minds and played out with their bodies.

Aaron wants nothing else but to fuck her pussy right then, but he holds off. He has other plans for how to fuck her, right now. She did, after all, deserve some sort of punishment for her actions earlier.

On your knees, slave.”

Audrey’s legs couldn’t hold her up anymore anyways, and she fell to her knees against the wall as she slid down to face her Masters’ cock.


She could smell the sweet scent of his salty cum-covered cock and found it easily, despite the darkness. Her lips encircled his shaft and she took it in stride–but he didn’t even wait before plunging himself into her throat. All either one of them could hear, was the sound of her gagging, before he pulled himself out.

“Think you’re real smart, forcing your Master like that on the plane, don’t you?”

His face is smiling, and so is hers. But in the darkness, it’s real. She plays back.
“No, sir.. I didn’t sir! Your slave just wanted to please you!”

His hand finds her hair and squeezes tightly with over-exaggerated movements. To her it feels good, but she gets the message.

This is how a slave pleases her Master. This is how you will please me from now on. Understood, slave?”

Audrey feels herself slip into the moment, and can’t help but take his voice seriously without being able to see his face—so she answers in all sincerity,

“Yes, of course Master.”

His hands release her hair instantly and within seconds she feels him stand her up onto her feet as the light switches on.

A wide smile on both of their faces appears to one other before Aaron makes his way past her to the bed and finds a seat. His face finds new resolve, and he looks her up and down with hungry eyes.

Good slave. Now—take your clothes off for your Master.”

Audrey walks just within reach of his big strong arms, and starts unzipping her skirt.

“Your shirt first, slave.”

Jarred from her thoughts, she can’t help but feel completely and utterly in love with this man sitting before her. How does he make me feel this way, she wonders? Her hands waste no time crossing each other and finding the edges of the bottom of her shirts. She grabs a hold of both, and pulls them upwards over her head, revealing the white lace bra beneath. D-cup breasts reveal themselves to him and Aaron sighs in contentment as her shirt is thrown across the room onto the sitting chair.

Her hands make their way behind her back now and Aaron can’t help but growl at the thought of her arms being pinned behind her as he watches her seamlessly unclasp her bra and drop it into his lap.


He almost whispers now as his eyes are enthralled by her magnificent breasts—his magnificent breasts.

“On your knees,”

Next her skirt falls to the ground between his legs revealing her now wet white lace thong.

He uses his hands to pull her down and pulls her closer into his grasp as he lines her breasts up with his cock.

“You know what I want, slave.”

Audrey bites her lip at the opportunity and grabs both her breasts with each hand from the side as she pushes them up to his cock. She props him up onto her breasts and begins grinding the wetness out of it with her succulent mounds of pleasure. Her tongue slides out of her lips and finds the tip while her breasts encase his cock into them and she starts to push herself into him over and over until the wetness of his cock slides easily in and out of her breasts.

“Master, fuck my titties and my mouth please?”

He loved hearing her say things like that. Lit like a fire, his cock begins poking in and out of her while her lips catch his tip at every stroke, sucking and tapping him with her delectable tongue. Her hands push her big breasts around his cock completely and her body gyrates with his hips before without warning his hands find her hips and pull her up onto his lap, in straddling position—pulling her thong off her tight little ass in the process.

“Fuck your Masters’ cock, you little slut.”

An explosion of feeling rips through her body at these words, and Audrey’s head involuntarily tilts to one side—revealing her succulent neck for her Master. His lips immediately hone in on her and bite her neck before creating a constant suction on her already sensitive areas.

Breathing and heaving, the couple move now together and Aaron lays down onto his back as she wastes no time finding his big wet cock with her fingers and guides him into her soaking wet pussy. She didn’t have sex before she met him, so she was nice and tight for him. Now joined, the two take a moment to enjoy his entry—her arms reaching down on either side of his chest as she eases him in deeper and deeper as gently as she could.

“Now—fuck me, Master.”

At that moment she sits all her weight onto him and he digs himself hilt deep inside of her. Her thigh muscles are tight as she leverages herself above him and slides up off of his cock a bit before slamming herself into him more deeply than before, followed by the groove of her hips making their way back and forth on his cock. A squeeze. Her pussy contracts on his cock and his hands find her thighs, pushing up into her thighs and finding her clit. He’s rubbing her most sensitive spot as she rides him in waves of grinding pleasure at a pace that slowly becomes more and more powerful.

“Please Master! Please let me cum!?”

“You may, slave. Cum for your Master.”

Now completely engulfed in what the couple is doing, they fuck for who knows how long? They certainly don’t know but the neighbors were getting a good idea of the scene taking place in their room. They’re fucking so hard the bed slams against the wall again and again, but no one cares.

Audrey’s  riding of her Master brings tears to her eyes as they involuntarily close on her. She’s close, and she knows it. Her head falls down onto her lovers’ chest where she stays as her hips smack his cock against her pussy—the sound of his balls as he pounds her from below the only sound besides his heartbeat, that she can hear.

“Cum for your Master.”

A few more strokes, and her body falls over the edge of pleasure—her pussy shoots cream all over his cock as he too cums right after she does. She can almost hear the stream his seed makes as it is shot into her pussy and her body goes limp on top of her Master while he’s buried deep inside of her, throbbing cum into her in waves.

Aaron feels her kissing his chest now—once she’s regained some of her composure, that is. His sweet little slave was showing him how much she loved him, and he was more than happy as he enveloped her face in his hands and pulled her up to his lips for a kiss.

The couple lay there, her cuddled into his neck and him holding her within his grasp as their heartbeats normalized. Aaron’s eyes were full of satisfaction as his new wife smiled up at him over her folded arms. Her soft voice broke the comfortable silence.

“I love you, Master.” Her eyes were more serious than he’d seen in a long time, and her grin was only slight now. He could see that she truly did love him with all her heart.

“Well, I love you too, kitten. You’re my perfect little slave..”

A wide goofy grin broke his face and they both looked at each other for a moment before Audrey sat up and slid him out of her gently as she spoke,

“Thank you for the pleasure, Master..”

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