On her knees

My name’s Shilo, and I’m incredibly happy to be involved with Laura’s naughty ventures. This will be fun!  We’re both writers (her moreso than me) and I have some things to post that might get you hot and sweaty. I know it does me 😉 I’m bi, so I write for all sorts of genres, and only for fun!



 Here’s one of my first stories, about a slave and her Master’s morning blow.


On Her Knees

His taste on my tongue makes me quiver in the deepest, darkest parts of my body. The parts even he will never see. Butterflies in my stomach, an ache between my legs, a flash of sweat beneath my wet hair. And his fingers do nothing to alleviate this feeling–his big hand holding tight to my ponytail merely makes my legs shake even more. The wetness between my thighs feels cool to the touch of my panties on my hot skin.

My body can feel every single breeze of wind, and the heat of his body radiating up like desert sand on my skin brings me to a feverish breaking point. My stomach turns in tight as if it’s trying to retract into itself; even the fibers of the carpet feel like ecstasy on my knees, as I’m acutely aware of every contact that my body makes with my environment.

His cock.

The soft, smooth tip on the top of my mouth.. The hair on his legs as they engulf my body and shiver slightly in response to me. His soft hair tickles my skin; especially on my nipples which are barely touching their engorged peaks onto his inner thighs. The tip of my lips can feel him growing harder, poking them more intently by the second. He wants inside my mouth, he needs inside–so I help him.

My one hand kneads his ball sack like a kitten, my other hand scratches up and down his stomach with my claws. They draw marks on his sensitive skin, but only for a second–leaving behind only residual pleasure streaks of electricity pulsing down his abdomen to the object of my affection, followed by the rush of blood to his shaft. I use this moment to encompass his base with my fingers, and rub my saliva and his cum up and down with them while I squeeze harder and harder with each stroke.

A small flood of deliciousness creeps out of his tip, and I feel my own dripping cunt ache for him to be inside me. This makes me even more hungry for him, more virile in my movements. There is a beat, deep inside us. I feel his heartbeat and I act in parallel to it. When his heart beats faster, I pump him faster with my tongue and tight lips, when it slows, I abate with him and take care of his tip with my cheek while I listen intently to his thankful breaths of abatement. I slide my tongue in circles around him one way, then backwards the other way, while the tip of my tongue finds the most sensitive spots within his folds. Right where the tip meets his shaft–his Shangri-la. Immediately his cock grows stiff, almost too much for the small place I’d given him to roam within my lips.

Mm mm.. I tilt my head and now I suck, and I blow. I suck and blow again just to repeat, but I don’t take him all the way yet. I want him to want it, badly. He moans for me, deep like the sound of a wild beast growl. Almost too low to hear, but I hear it. I’m listening for every sound that exits my Masters’ lips, and I am moaning in turn for him. I feel near climax myself already as my legs are shaking pure powerlessness.

Now my breath catches and shudders out of my lips. My eyes find his and he sees my desire for him. His hands grab the sides of my head and beg for more, pulling me into him as I come forward and retreat; the delicious sound of his juices popping from the suction of my mouth, as I pull him completely out now. I begin tickling his tip with constant taps of my muscle as my fingers run unadulterated up and      down his shaft in a ring; drawing blood forward and back as I tease his tip with an uncharacteristic soft kiss followed by a strong suck, and a pop.

A sigh. Oh, beautiful sigh. He wants more..

His breath catches in his throat and his stomach muscles get taught; his legs clench around my sides in beautiful displays of power that is being held back for his fragile slave. I know that if he wanted to, he could crush me, or take me right there. He owns me, of course. If he wanted it I would not deny him. I’m his.

But tonight I want him to cum for me. I want to feel like a woman, like a slave. One who can make her Master cum with only her lips. He gives me a gift, and he doesn’t move–he allows me the privilege of remaining between his thighs, on my knees, sucking his magnificent cock, and I feel desperate. Desperation that I’ll never get this chance again. A cold chill of fear runs up my spine as I covet this sweet moment–plunging his entire shaft as deep into my throat as I can take, before the water runs from my eyes. Will my mascara run? Would it matter? All that matters now is my Masters’ cock..

The only thing I want is his pleasure streaming through both of our bodies, energizing every part of my body like electricity, and constricting his muscles tighter to the point of losing control. Every fiber of my being is focused on him, and every part of me wants to fulfill him completely. His sweet cum is my prize, his heavy breaths are my motivation; and his hand now clenched around my ponytail tells me he’s ready for me Unleashed.

Now I move my lips up and down his shaft, to the tip and back to the base. Over and over, I suck him and blow the pressure of my air-tight mouth back onto his cock with every stroke of my bobbing head. Over and over I’m sucking him as my eyes now close with pure karma. I’m sucking my Master, and he’s fucking his Slave.

Just when I begin to wonder if he’s purposefully holding himself back to feel me suck him longer, the back of my throat catches him with each dip of my head and the pressure on my throat gets tighter and tighter. His hips now move opposite my movements, he’s thrusting inside my mouth, full to the brim with my hunger and his precious liquid. All I can hear is the slurping of his cock on my lips, all I can feel is my heartbeat now. And I love the taste of this foreign object warm and soft, within my mouth.

I ignore the burning heat between my thighs, as I feel my throat contract upon his deeply engorged cock. He feels it, and he knows it. I’m gagging on his dick and he’s watching me now, his eyes sparkling with desire and animalistic fire. His hand pulls my ponytail into him, I take him deep.

As deep as his cock is long, he buries himself into me, bringing sweet tears streaming down my face from my glassy eyes as I look up at my Master. When I go to lift my head back from his base, there is no freedom. He’s holding me tight by my hair and he tells me to take it.

Suddenly, an explosion: warmth and salt, the sweet taste of my Masters cum filling my throat overflows into my mouth as he pushes himself in as deep as he can. A jerk of his hips, slight. I love this.

I’m holding my breath and trying to swallow him as his hands now hold the back of my head into him without mercy and he is buried deep inside me. My heart is pounding, I feel a rush of liquid push itself down the back of my tongue. But I can’t breathe, amidst my elation. Amidst my victory..

Just as my body begins to panic, just as I feel I’m on the bottom of a swimming pool with no air: sweet release. His hands let go and he exhales deeply. I pull back slowly, sucking on my way asI inhale the sweet nectar of life. His taste becomes more concrete in my mouth as my entire body flushes red with renewed vitality and suppressed happiness. I love my Masters’ taste. His cock is pulsing still with clear liquid as I quickly lick my lips for him with a smile and lick every bit from his tip. His face is still twisted in pleasure and desire, and I love that merely his slave can cause him so much feeling.

When he regains control, he looks at me expectantly as I lick up every precious drop from his twitching cock. My tongue points taught and I roll it over his shaft trying to taste every bit of him that he will give me, like a good little slave.

His muscles are throbbing, and I can feel the pulse beneath his thin skin beat like a drum. Now I suck his tip like I’m drawing his sweet milk–every drip I cherish just as I cherish him. He’s now watching me with wonder as I drain him dry with a wry smile on my face. I paw at his cum on my lips and chin and lick it up with delight.

Once my tongue has found every bit of his wetness, I kiss his cock with love, and swing my ponytail to the side over my shoulder–waiting for him. Waiting for the words.

“Good girl, my slave.”

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